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Products & Services

Find your ideal ski boot. Through our in-house Heierling
h1 ski boot line or by letting us fit your (alternative brand) ski boot
to perfectly meet your requirements.

Finally within reach: your custom made ski boot!

Would you like to have a look at our h1 line or discover how we can help you
with our boot fitting services?
‘After a period of redefining our business, we are again producing ski boots under our own name.
You will see that we have paid attention to every detail.

Our ‘h1′ line reflects careful thought and design, just like any ski boot fitting – which we would gladly do for you. Sports orthopedics is more than just boot fitting: we consider your individual body anatomy and apply our deep knowledge and experience from our orthopedic practice’

Hans-Martin Heierling, fourth generation Owner and CEO
of the Heierling family enterprise