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Heierling’s  h1

The top-rate ski boot

Materials: leather, fur, Templast (outer shell).
Functionalities: vibration suppression, anti-slip, automatic fit
Fit inside the boot: perfect

The top-rate ski boot: Heierlings h1

Sun or clouds. Thaw or arctic conditions. Mild or low temperatures. A good piste or a poor piste. Conditions change all the time. However, one thing remains constant:  the h1 outer shell  does  not deform. This ski boot is perfect. It is the boot you have been waiting for: the  h1 by Heierling. The h1 always adjusts itself optimally to your foot. Leather and fur lining  combine to provide amazing comfort. The h1 pleasantly provides vibration suppression and  puts an end to the topic of painful pressure points.

Ski boots by Heierling are something quite special:  they combine technical know-how and skills emanating from four generations in a family of ski boot designers and manufacturers. You can see it and feel it. We are the world’s oldest ski boot manufacturer and the h1 ist our latest creation.

Innovation starts with inspiration

Why is the h1 the right ski boot for you?

Heierling’s ski h1 boot is technologically clever, thought through in all details and reflects a minimalist yet unique design for people with style. The h1 stands for great comfort – when wearing, when skiing and when not on the piste. The h1 benefits from extensive knowledge in foot orthopedics which resides in the Heierling Company. The automatic fit of the h1 makes it comfortable and promises healthier skiing.

Unpleasant pressure points? Not in the h1. We came up with something: Templast material, which we developed ourselves (with a chemical materials specialist). Technologically highly innovative Templast  maintains the form and shape of the shell at very high and very low temepartaures, thereby maintaining movement flexibility while you ski. You may look forward to unpleasant pressure points while you ski as being a thing of the past.

Also: Templast enables the h1 ski boot to be more robust and have more longevity than (almost all) other models.

Beautiful materials combinations

Stylish buckles

Templast (outer) shell

Specially tanned leather

How does the h1 boot fit itself to your foot?

By way of a visco-elastic foam, the inner boot of the h1 fits itself superbly to your foot. And now for our “coup”: fur lining inside the boot. Unusual  and unbelievably comfy and warm!

Imagine being surrounded by a biting, ice-cold wind in a frozen winter landscape. Do not worry: the ladies’ h1 model  embeds your feet warmly and comfortably as if you are wearing fur lined slippers! Total fur lining in the “h1 Lady Comfort” model provides unparalleled comfort.

The inner boot of the “h1 Man Comfort” has a fur-lined toe area. Combined with real leather from the Grisons area (Heierling’s home base) you really feel the superior material and workmanship quality of the h1.

Convince yourself of the quality of Heierling’s h1

Vibrations are perfectly damped

Whether you prefer gentle, pure enjoyment skiing or more dynamic, sporty skiing – in the sole area a patented wooden wedge provides noticeably better vibration control and optimal suppression. This enables more control and precision in your skiing. Skiing enjoyment is guaranteed with Heierling’s ski boot.

Rubber parts and the anti-slip bridge in the mid-foot area increase comfort. This enables pleasant skiing on the piste and even enables easier walking.


The h1 – a ski boot for life

The modular build of the h1 is meticulously thought through. In this, Heierling pursues a completely new direction. h1 ski boots can be repaired and individual parts replaced or exchanged. Quality combined with the ability to repair or refurbish offers longevity. We resist a “throw away” mindset in favour of protection of resources and sustainability and aim to do our part by way of our materials, workmanship methods and our promise to repair, refurbish or renew. You thereby get a ski boot for life.