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Sporthopedics, the new boot fitting

Let Heierling fit your ski boot – so that you can direct your attention solely to skiing.

Ski boot fitting

Better skiing with the help of Sporthopedics


Thermo and milling facilities for the removal  of pressure points in ski boots


Sports footbeds and insoles for the correction and adjustment of  faulty foot postures


Providing of foamed, customized liners
(inner boots)


Corrections to outer (ski boot) shells for forward lean and canting postures


Corrections and adjustments for fit,
faulty posture and statics


Precise biomechanical  analyses with modern, data-based technology

1. We identify foot problems and particularities of your body posture

What kind of adjustment do you need?

Identifying discomforts:  in a first step we clarify if you suffer from pressure points in your ski boots, if they cause blisters and if they are too tight or too loose.  We thereby obtain a first idea of how we might help you.

2. We conduct a professional foot profile and faulty foot posture analysis

Precise information  for precision boot fitting

We conduct a detailed diagnosis of your foot via advanced technology by measuring pressure data around a variety of (body) axes. This provides important information on foot type and foot posture faults.

3. We work out an individual “building plan” for creating your perfect ski boot

Heierling customized ski boot

At this point the data of the foot analysis have been obtained. Additional important criteria such as size, weight and skiing ability also flow into the analysis. Now we know how to adjust your ski boots, how to fit and customize them to your feet.

4. We conduct the adjustments to your boots in our workshop

Tailored work for your comfort

We adjust and fit each pair of ski boots with the greatest of care and in accordance with long-standing Heierling  tradition. Step by step, the self developed building blocks for your customized ski boot are put together in our workshop.

Impressions from the Heierling ski boot fitting process

‘Quite possibly, you found our website because you suffer from footpains when you ski. Probably because of ill fitting ski boots. Do not worry , we will find a solution for this!’
Christoph Rücker
Head of Workshop and Sales

Fitting your ski boots – Heierling has the right solution

We help you to unleash your full potential while skiing. Heierling, as a boot fitting partner for world class ski racers, offers you top performance in respect of ski boot fitting.

While you ski you may struggle with unpleasant pressure around your ankles or against your shins. You are fed up with ending your ski day early because of blisters or other painful pressures in your ski boots. We understand this all too well. Our customers come to us with these types of problems and simply desire a well fitting, comfortable ski boot.  That is not asking for too much. It is our desire and mission to provide you with the appropriate amount of stability and comfort in your ski boots.  Heierling offers you the possibility to fit your boots perfectly to your feet, in accordance with your body size and features, as well as to your individual requirements.

Heierling, as the world’s oldest designer and manufacturer of ski boots, has and always had one clear aim: to provide the perfect ski boot for sheer skiing enjoyment.