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Heierling’s business philosophy

We believe in and we apply well tested traditions, we are future oriented and we strive to find solutions for you by providing outstanding workmanship and service.

We Heierlings

Four generations of skills, competencies and customer orientation, from Davos in the Swiss canton of Grisons.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to combine tradition with outstanding workmanship, superlative product design and top-rate expertise in order to offer our customers the best available products in the realm of premium ski boots as well as related footwear fitting solutions.

We do this by using time tested methods which we effectively combine with new technology, materials and methodologies in an effort to continuously optimize our products and services which we always seek to provide in an optimal customer oriented fashion.

Our two-pronged strategy, in which we combine the sale of top ski boot and general footwear products with our “Sporthopedics” termed fitting services is aimed to keep us, in a sustainable manner, at the forefront of our business.